He was born on November 14, 1975 in Karapınar. He graduated from Gazi Mustafa Kemal (Devrim) Primary School in 1987. He graduated from Karapınar High School Secondary School in 1990 and from Karapınar High School Social Literature Department in 1993. In 1997, he received a bachelor’s degree from Gazi University Kastamonu Faculty of Education, Department of Social Sciences Education (History minor field). While he was a student at the university, he was not very successful in his classes, he was a successful “reader”.

He graduated from Gazi University in 2000 with a master’s degree in History Education. His thesis is on the educational functions of historical stories. In 2006, he gave his doctorate thesis titled “Development of the Concept of Historical Time in Students” at the same university. He became an associate professor of history education in 2010 and a professor in 2016. Şimşek received the title of second associate professor from the discipline of Social and Historical Foundations of Education in 2022.He worked at Gazi, Ahi Evran, Marmara, Sakarya and Istanbul universities.

The author has organized several editorial studies and workshops in the field of historiography and methodology for the past 13 years. He continues his academic publications in the fields of history education, historiography, education history, social studies teaching, life studies teaching. He is the Chief Editor of TUHED (Turkish History Educational Journal) and historiography journals. He is the co-chairman of the Historiography Workshops, which are hosted by a different university every year, and is an active board member of ISHE (International Symposium on History Education).

Şimşek served as a board member of Education Faculties Programs Accreditation Association (EPDAD) between 2016-2019. She has been working for YÖKAK (Higher Education Quality Board) since 2017. She takes part in monitoring-evaluation and accreditation processes as a team leader, evaluator and monitor. Şimşek particularly stays away from managerial positions in academia. Despite this, he served as the head of the department between 2011-2016 and as Senator of Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa between 2021-2023. In addition, she is a member of the Social Sciences Ethics Committee and a member of the Academic Publication High Commission at Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa.

Apart from these, the author has more than one hundred articles, papers and chapters in other books. It has trained and trained many doctoral and graduate students. It attaches particular importance to studies that emphasize the “common sense” that the academy believes to have. He is currently working as a Professor Doctor at Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa, Hasan Ali Yücel Faculty of Education.

He is married. He is the father of Selim and Sinan.